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Whale Sharks tour

Join us for an exciting trip to experience the wonder of swimming with the worlds largest shark!!

The larges fish in the world! Now, you may have the opportunity to swim with these peaceful, gentle and vegetarian animals.

For few months, each year a large number of whale sharks migrate to the caribbean north Cancún.

whale sharkswhale sharkswhale sharkswhale sharks

During the trip, you may also see: giant manta rays, sea turtles and dolphins!

This is the adventure of a lifetime and we guarantee you will love it! Whale Sharks grow to 18 meters long and weigh up to 15 tons. The average length is 7.6 m, females are typically larger than the males.

whale sharkswhale sharks

Whale Sharks are non-predatory and non-aggressive, are vegetarians and feed mainly on plankton. Theylive in warm water year the coast and in the open seas around the world. Thay spend most of their time near the surface. It's estimated that whale sharks live up to 100-150 years.

Full day program:

The tour begins at 6:00 AM when one of the Tour operator (Ocean Tours) will pick you up at the Akumal Dive Shop, after 1.5 hours you will get to Punta Sam where after a coffee break and a briefing of the tour. At 8:15 am we set off in the boat to search for the Whale Shark (about 50 min), once we reach the feeding area we will spend approximately 3 hours snorkeling with the whale sharks, gear up and we swim taking turns with two guest and the guide along with the whale sharks.

After you will stop off to snorkeling on a Caribbean reef close to Isla Mujeres. When you get back on the boat there will be a lunch of fish ceviche waiting for you, after eating we will head back to Punta Sam. You will be Back at Punta Sam at 14:30 approximately.

Then, we’ll drive you back to Akumal arriving around 3:30 PM.

Tour Includes: Bilingual guide, Transportation by Van and boat, Snorkeling gear, Life Vest, Water, lunch, drinks and sandwiches on board included.

US$199 per person.

Recommendations: Reserve in advance, boat capacity limited, wear swimsuits under light cotton clothing with long sleeves, Take an extra T-shirt, Bring your own wetsuit.

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