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Cuba Trip

Cuba is the Caribbean's largest and least commercialized island and one of the world's last bastions of communism. Its relative political isolation has prevented it from being overrun by tourists, and locals are sincerely friendly to those who do venture in.


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If the images of Che Guevara aren't enough to lure you towards a Cuban adventure, then surely a line up of refreshingly cool, rum-based Mojitos or a ride in one of many low to the ground, rip-roaring 1950s cars is. No matter what you're after, the endless energy, soul and groove generated by locals will cast a spell over you, all of course in tune with their music! The music is impossible to resist - use and abuse that phrase ?Dance like no-one's watching' and join the locals, young and old, as they salsa from dusk till dawn. Having travelled around the world and back again, I can confidently say that Cuba tops the list.


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